Dentist YouTubers Are Making Bank

How much? Dentists turned YouTubers were very popular in 2021- and they have the earnings to show it. A dive into the dental YouTubers that are making their dentistry a side hustle

Dentist YouTubers Are Making Bank
Dr. Ben Winters and Anthony Baroud are crushing. 

Move Over Mr. Beast

A YouTube re-creation of Squid Game (that cost $3.5 million to make) obviously will get a whole bunch of views (141 million and counting).

But colleagues in your own profession are making their own big bucks going viral on video sharing platforms.

People Apparently Like Dental Videos

YouTube recently released its "Best of 2021” List and two dentists are cracking the top 10.

YouTube 2021's Top Trending Videos and Creators

Jammed between other creators producing comedy sketches and video game reviews are two people that know a lot about teeth- a practicing orthodontist and a third-year dental student.

These two dental professionals are taking their hygiene instruction talents to South Beach YouTube.

The YouTube Dental Professionals

Via Dental Digest and The Bentist

Hygiene Instruction...On Steroids

Now, to say that these two dentist YouTube stars are crushing it is just a slight understatement.

Something about combining an aspect of comedy, brevity, and oral hygiene content is hitting with YouTube Shorts lovers.

(Psstt. for those that are not YouTube inclined, "Shorts" are exactly what they sound like- short videos ranging anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds)

And who would think that their videos like, "The World's Largest Toothbrush", "Homemade Toothpaste", and "Orthodontist Reacts. The Biggest Ice cream Sundae Ever" would rake in literal millions upon millions of views.

If you didn't already guess, these millions upon millions of views come with that sweet, sweet monetary compensation.

Data via Influencer

Just Estimates

"No. way. These estimates are ridiculous"

We partially agree with that statement. After doing a whole bunch of research, we came up with one conclusion...

It’s really hard to nail down YouTuber income. But after seeing that a 9 -year-old makes close to 30 million dollars reviewing toys and digging through a whole bunch of YouTube income calculators, it's not outlandish to think dentists turned influencers are raking in the dough.

Let's Not Forget About TikTok

Sure, these could be an overestimate. But let’s not forget about the most popular website in the not Google...

TikTok...because these dentists are crushing it there also.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Hey, we have to give them credit. It takes a lot of creativity, time, and effort to excel on such competitive platforms. And people are obviously enjoying dentistry content aside from your typical "are you flossing?" spiel.

Anything and everything can help the general population take care of their chompers.

So are you thinking about getting into the YouTube game? Just make sure your facial expressions are on point.