A Grinch's Radiology Diagnosis

Dense bony islands, cemento-osseous dysplasia, mucus retention pseudocysts. These things get very confusing when looking at dental radiographs. Here are the 5 most common things that get referred to oral radiologists (and shouldn't)

A Grinch's Radiology Diagnosis
What are the most common dental radiographic findings general dentists refer to oral radiologists?

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"And what happened then? Well in Whoville they say that the Grinch's small heart mixed appearance jaw lesion grew three sizes that day within 6 months."

Ahhh, a classic line from a Christmas staple. All is well in Whoville- except for the worrisome radiographic findings of the grumpy green man.

According to legend, Dr. Suess was actually going to write that the Grinch had some scary oral radiology red flags...instead of cardiac atrophy.

Whoville Red Flags (of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology)

And here's another little known tidbit...

Dr. Suess was so interested in dentistry that he actually came up with the word "Grinch" to help remember said red flags of oral radiology. True story.

Dr. Seuss knew the red flags of oral and maxillofacial radiology and so should you

Welp, the Grinch's radiograph doesn't look great.

Just as he was getting over his bad attitude, this news hits. Frankly, he should be worried...

But Your Patient Shouldn't Worry

So. Don't👏. Freak👏. Them👏. Out👏.

You may be Oprah in dentist form and be able to explain to your patient radiographic findings clearly and concisely. But lets be honest, a lot of dentists may be...confusing.

See something weird on a radiograph? Patients are automatically going to think the worst. And when they think the worst, they are going to turn to the experts internet. Specifically, maybe, Reddit.

A Prime Example.

A worried Reddit-er concerned about a "dense spot"
The pano of the "dense spot." Can you name this finding?

Name this Radiographic Finding....Go.

Could this patient concern be avoided? According to the radiology expert, the answer is an absolute yes

Dr. Jenna Fewins is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial radiologist who let us in on a little, important industry secret...

"What are the 5 most common consults general dentists send oral radiologists?"

There are things that will stump you and SHOULD be sent off. But there are also radiology findings that you should know like the back of your hand.

These are the latter:

Congenitally Missing Teeth
Supernumerary Teeth
Dense Bony Islands
Cemento-Osseous Dysplasia
Mucus Retention Pseudocysts

Dr. Fewins provided The Eval🦷 with literal hours worth of great radiology lectures. We summed it up for you so can get your daily dose of dental CE.

Read it. Save it. Use it.

Courtesy of Dr. Fewins

Holy Radiology.

If you think we compiled all this information ourselves...think again.

Shout out to da' real MVP of this week's email, Dr. Fewins. She made it so easy to understand oral radiology findings that we are suggesting you do one thing and one thing only...contact her.

Need a panoramic or CBCT report for that lesion that you just aren't sure about? The board-certified oral and maxillofacial radiologist is just a click away👇