Dentists are Recycling Teeth

♻Dentists are going green. After struggling for years trying to find that perfect grafting material- another player has entered the game. A visualized literature review of Kometa's Smart Dentin Grinder and autogenous denting grafting.

Dentists are Recycling Teeth
How dentists are saving the earth (kinda) with Kometa's Smart Dentin Grinder. 

Save the Earth. Use the Dentin Grinder.

Ehhh...Not the catchiest slogan, but it's a work in progress.

For years, dentists have tried all options and techniques possible to replace bone following extractions. If you forgot all the very long, and boring grafting options and techniques since dental school-here’s a quick review

1️⃣Anorganic bovine bone mineral (ABBM). AKA Bio-Oss.

2️⃣Autogenous Block Grafts

3️⃣Alloplastic materials

4️⃣Use of platelet-rich fibrin

Not a comprehensive list, but long story short is that A LOT has been thrown at improving the stability and success of bone grafting.

And so enters tooth recycling

Kometa's Smart Dentin Grinder in Action

You know when you have one of those crazy ideas that just really makes sense? This is one of those.

Introducing Autogenous dentin simplistic terms: making a grafting material from the already extracted tooth. A novel and interesting idea.

Back to Your Oral Biology Class

So, why does this seem like it would work? Let’s take a quick refresher on the composition of a tooth.

Teeth are made up of 80% dentine, 15% enamel, and 5% cementum and pulp. And to our advantage, dentine is very similar to the structure of human bone.

And the (limited) research is promising. Some highlights:

  • 🦴Bony. In an analysis of bone following autogenous grafting, the researchers concluded, “autogenous mineralized dentin particles can be considered an alternative graft material.
  • 👎Loser: Bio-Oss. A randomized clinical trial showed 12.4% more bone was formed with autogenous grafting compared to the xenograft.
  • 🐚Shell. Another novel idea. One clinician proved that a dentin shell and autogenous grafting material could be used to fix alveolar crest defects.

All this is great....but...

At this time, the concept is so new that no meta-analysis or systematic reviews are available on autogeneous dentin grafting

At least we couldn’t find any. If you are better at scraping the depths of PubMed and found better research let us know.

We will stop talking👇.

And let the visualized literature do the work.