🤯How many CEREC crowns per month?

Dental Facebook groups are showing the productions numbers behind CEREC dentistry. Plus, we introduce a square dental implant and some Tipsy Dentistry on the Vagus nerve

🤯How many CEREC crowns per month?
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Happy Thursday.

Welcome to a new year and another year of The Eval🦷... like having a beer with your financial advisor, dental practice consultant, and favorite doctor from dental school.

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Here's Today's Lineup:

  • Visual: The numbers behind CEREC dentistry
  • Trends and Coffee: Square Dental Implants and AI
  • Tipsy Dentistry: Vagus and the new semester


The Facebook Groups Have Spoken

Aside from your great uncle posting crazy conspiracy theories and invitations to join some new pyramid scheme, Facebook can be a treasure trove of information.

Dental related Facebook groups have become more helpful than that "one" doctor in dental school......you know the one...

The guy that would give you an "okay" even if your typodont prep was a hack job.

…and the groups give you a peak into the workflow of dentists everywhere

Which recently happened in the group, “Keep CERECing”.

Throughout 2022, a group member published polls to....as the kids would say.... get in the feels of dentists.

The CEREC Visualized Results

Our thoughts on the results:

  • Dentists right out of school are very confident about their skills
  • Mills are BURNING through emax blocks
  • Prepping, scanning and designing in less than 45 minutes is efficient

Butttt. Quick Disclaimer: so wool does not go over eyes.

The number or responses ranged from ~90 to ~160. Not bad, but not absolutely a huge sample size.

Some Reflection for 2023.

While the ole’ motherly saying, “if that dentist would jump off a cliff, would you jump too?” applies well here...

…some self-reflection compared to other dentists in the profession is not always a bad idea.

Our big takeaway?

Apparently we need to spend more 💵💵💵 on CE courses this year.


  • So. Freaking. Cool📚 Basically Google for only Books. Type in a question and get direct quotes from over 100k transcripts.
  • Whoa🤯 A Twitter Thread putting historic dates into perspective. Example? The moon landing was only 66 years after the Wright Brother’s first flight
  • AI is all the Rage🔮...and this is the largest directory of cool AI tools to spark your imagination.


Tipsy Dentistry Goes to Vagus

...And here's a shoutout to all the dental students in the back!

The holidays are over which can only mean one thing...

Head and neck anatomy exams are right around the corner.

So to give your brain a little warm-up, here's a memory hack to remember the exit of the jugular foramen:

  • The Vegas Vagus Casino reminds us of the cranial nerve X (check the grand prize on the picture above)
  • The Juggler which kinda sounds like jugular...represents the exit of cranial nerve X

....And this is just a little tidbit...

There's a whole lot more to remember from this scene...

Plus, just a lot more from Tipsy Dentistry in general which is why we are launching something new.

A Whole New Head and Neck Anatomy Course...

...That will specifically not just help you for boards, but help you get an A in your dental school class too.

So we want dental students (or anyone passionate about head and neck anatomy) to test it out:

Here's what would happen:

  • We give you free access to the course and you give feedback.

Pretty simple and you get to skip studying out of a boring textbook.

Interested? Let us know and we will reach out👇