🧠A GIF Powered MRONJ Review

A visual literature review on MRONJ- powered by GIFs. Plus, the numbers behind patient spending in the dental industry and new tools for dental YouTubers

🧠A GIF Powered MRONJ Review
The AAOMS is pointing fingers on medication-related osteonecrosis 

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Today's Line-up:

  • 🧠Knowledge Drop. A GIF-y 2022 update from the AAOMS
  • 📈Trending: YouTuber tools for Dentists
  • 💰Chart: How much money was dropped on dental care?


AAOMS Hears Some Boos

The AAOMS is hearing the boo birds

Knowledge. Officially. Dropped.

The American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons consistently spurts enough high quality, juicy information to fill the brain of any dentist. One of their more important and useful publications is that on medication-related osteonecrosis…

….and that position paper just got a bit of a tune-up.

3 of the OG researchers and a few new faces went back, reconsidered, and updated the paper for the first time since, Fancy was playing wayyyyy too much on the radio.

While general dentists don't need to know much about the staging or treatment of MRONJ...there are some pearls that should be in your knowledge bank.

🧠Extractions and MRONJ is significant

🧠Medications and Patient factors influence risk

Patient with a cancer diagnosis that are treated with bisphosphonates are at significantly higher risk of developing MRONJ after dental extractions. DMB= denosumab. BPs= bisphosphonates

🧠Mind the Mandible

🧠Dentures Can Be a Problem

A study of 1,621 cancer patients receiving IV bisphosphonate treatment revealed a 2x risk of MRONJ among denture wearers

🧠The Research on Drug Holidays with Extraction

A 2020 systematic review showed a variety of papers with differing results on the use of drug holidays prior to extraction

🧠And some other important pearls

  • 💊Romosozumab...is a new-ish osteoporosis medication that was not mentioned in the 2014 update
  • 🤢Periodontal disease has been shown to be a risk factor in 50 percent of MRONJ cases
  • 🤷They don't know the prevalence of MRONJ in patients on antiresorptives receiving implants, endo, or perio treatment

All this great information...and yet, there are still haters.

A letter to the editor of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery expressed concerns that CT evaluation isn’t included in the diagnostic criteria.

The Italian oral surgeons and researchers called it an “oversight” to not put more emphasis on radiographic imaging.

The response from the AAOMS? Pending.


Patients= Burnt Holes= Pockets

It’s 2023. And like that one guy who peaked in high school- we are reminiscing about 2021.

A recent study published in Health Affairs reveals that dental spending reached $162 billion- up about 16% year over year

But c’mon. Let’s not act surprised….

  • After spending most of 2020 at home watching Tiger King, there was a lot of dental work to be done- of course spending is going to increase.

And here’s the portion of the newsletter that we make a “bold” prediction…

Without stimulus checks, the fear of a looming recession, and this thing called inflation…it’s gonna be awhile until we are back to 2021 levels.