Tipsy Dentistry: Apical Radiopacities

The Dental Radiology Wrestling League is helping you remember everything you need to know about apical radiopacities.

Tipsy Dentistry: Apical Radiopacities
5 wrestlers enter the ring to help you remember dental radiology apical radiopacities

Welcome to the Dental Radiology Wresting League!

For tonight's showdown, we have the contenders in the apical radiopacity weight class squaring off.

Another edition of Tipsy Dentistry is going inside the ring to help you remember your differential diagnosis for dental radiology apical radiopacities.

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We're Wrestlin' Over Periapical Radiopacities

5 wrestlers enter the ring, but only 1 definitive diagnosis will win

Let's meet our contestants.


🚧The Hyper Cementer

🧊The Sick Snow Sasquatch


🏝Islander Bro

Time Changin' Dysplasian

Each of these wrestlers have their unique talents and symptoms....and all are fighting to become the definitive diagnosis.


A construction worker about to pound his fellow opponent with a large bag of cement can only represent one thing....hypercementosis.

The Hyper Cementer represents the deposition of excess cementum...known as hypercementosis

Hypercementosis is characterized by a few things:

1️⃣Enlarged root

2️⃣Retained PDL Space

3️⃣Vital tooth

Condensing Osteitis

Not sure what's more difficult....saying The Sick Snow Sasquatch 5 times fast or trying to beat this snow beast in the ring

The Sick Snow Sasquatch represents one of the common periapical radiopacities- condensing osteitis.

So why a sasquatch?...let us explain in video form.

There are 3 very important things that the snow sasquatch will help us remember about condensing osteitis.

Here are 3 very important things to know about condensing osteitis


The buccaneer is blasting everything in his path.

The BlastoBuccaneer represents the benign neoplasm of teeth...a cementoblastoma

A Peg Leg, an Extraction Forceps, and a Swollen Arm

What do these findings represent?

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