Pulps are Feeling #Blessed

Deep caries, excavation, pulp exposure, calcium hydroxide....and root canal. It's a tale as old as time. But, here. comes. Biodentine. A visualized literature review on the new dental material changing the game.

Pulps are Feeling #Blessed

“Well, that right there is the pulp...”

Deep caries. Excavation. Pulp exposure. Calcium hydroxide....and ehh, root canal.

It’s a process as old as the practice of dentistry itself

But new materials from the much appreciated scientists in the dental materials department are changing the game

Enter Biodentine.

We won't bore you with too long of a dental materials lecture- you slept through enough of that in dental school.

But, here's a few talking points straight from the manufacturer's website:

  • ☣Bioactive. Biocompatible. Biodentine is a tricalcium silicate-based material designed to be a permanent dentin substitute.
  • 🤙Mellow, bro. With an initial pH of 11, it's not a friendly place for bacteria to hang out
  • Deuces...to the secondary caries. The high resistance to microleakage of the material leads to less likelihood of problems in the future.

Let's Skip to the Visual Part...

...the infographic that gives you a dive into the research without swimming through the depths of PubMed.