A Visually Animated Antibiotic Review

A visually, animated litarature review and why everyone is afraid of Clindamycin

A Visually Animated Antibiotic Review

Clindamycin is So 2018

Prescribing Clindamycin🤝 Wearing Cargo shorts.

Both things that were once accepted as okay, but now frowned upon.

Yet, for some reason, prescribing Clindamycin hasn’t totally been kicked to the curb

So to set the record straight…

We are doing a visualized, animated review on the most current recommendations for prescribing antibiotics with a specific focus on those ugly cargo shorts…uh, we mean clindamycin.

And to show you that we just aren't pulling all this information out of our 🍑...

..You can read the original sources of the literature we animated...if you are REALLY a glutton for punishment:

  • 💊The AAE's Update on Antibiotic Prescriptions
  • 🩳Compendiums Dive into Clindamyin
  • Insights on Dental Prophylaxis from the AHA
  • 🦠The CDC's Word on Clostridium Difficle

For everyone else, read something a little more enjoyable👇